Anxiety Disorders
December 14
9 'White Lies' People With Anxiety Tell
The Mighty
26 Things People With Anxiety Would Say to Their Friends If They Were Being Honest
The Mighty
Untreated Anxiety Is a Gateway to Other Mental Health Problems
US News & World Report

Depersonalization Disorder (DPD)
December 12
YouTuber Dodie: Sometimes it feels like I'm not real
BBC News (UK)


December 13
Adolescents who identify as non-heterosexual may be more vulnerable to depressive symptoms from 10 years old
The Lancet
Depressive symptoms higher for gay, lesbian and bisexual youth from age 10
University College London

December 12
5 ways to support a loved one with depression over the festive season
Holiday depression? Suicides actually lowest in December
Lyft co-founder: I was depressed
Managing Anxiety and Depression During Holidays
What to Do If Your Loved One Struggles With Depression
The Daily Meal

Eating Disorders
December 13
Instagram Plans to Strengthen Ban on Pro-Eating Disorder Content
Instagram tightens eating disorder filters after BBC investigation
BBC News
The tailor told me I had 2 months to lose weight for my wedding. She didn't know I was anorexic

December 12
Blue Christmas: ‘Being shamed for eating a second slice of Christmas cake made my bulimia so bad I became suicidal’
Scotish Sun (UK)
Here's How To Cope With The Holidays When You're Recovering From An Eating Disorder
Elite Daily

December 14
Can You Be Friends with a Narcissist?
Psychology Today

Obssessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
December 12
Obsessive-compulsive disorder may offer protection from obesity
Texas State University

December 14
Eczema patients at 36% higher risk of suicide attempts, study says

December 12
What more could we do to prevent veteran suicides? Survey reveals clues
University of Michigan


December 14
10 of the most important things we learned about mental health this year
This Is Insider
High-dose antipsychotics place children at increased risk of unexpected death
Vanderbilt University

December 13
High-Dose Antipsychotics Raise Kids' Risk of Unexpected Death
Relationship impairments hinder men seeking mental health treatment
Boston University School of Medicine

December 12
25 'Harmless' Comments That Actually Hurt People With Mental Illness Around the Holidays
If You Have A Mental Illness, Should You Tell Your Employer? The Answer Isn't Cut And Dried
The Boss' Guide to Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace
Psychology Today

December 11
Can People With Mental Illness Be Happy?

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